Musculoskeletal modeling and biomechanics analysis software

AnyBody Modeling System

Musculoskeletal modeling and biomechanics analysis software developed at Aalborg University, Denmark. When motion is applied to the musculoskeletal human body model, the force acting on each part (muscle activity, muscle strength / antagonistic muscle strength, the elastic energy of tendon, joint strength and moment, etc.) is calculated by inverse dynamics analysis. A detailed musculoskeletal model based on human anatomy is provided, the model size can be scaled up & down, and the bone shape of the subject measured by MRI or CT can be used. By importing CAD data of artificial objects, the effects of automobiles, exercise equipment, prosthetic devices, and implants on the human body can be evaluated. Motion definition is a highly flexible analysis software that supports joint angle input and motion capture recording data and allows you to freely customize the analysis model definition and output data.

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